99770 Balboa Spa Pack (Titan Control System)

99770 Balboa Spa Pack (Titan Control System)

Titan Control System Kit - Unmatched Performance. Proven Reliability.
Balboas Titan Speed Control Kit is ideal for all whirlpool baths. With the touch of a button you can control the water temperature to your exact specification for maximum comfort. The RND 2 button panel controls a Variable Speed Pump (the variable speed pump can be run in Wave Mode), water level and temperature sensor, and a programmable 30 minute timer. You can also add light controls to our system.

Sensitive Water Sensor
Multi Lighting Features
Clear and Plated Finishes Available
Program up to 30 Minutes of Run Time
Variable Speed Pump Control with Wave Mode

The Balboa Water Group Titan Control System Kit (99774) comes complete with the following:
Titan Variable Speed Bath Control (90031)
Control Panel (2 Button) with Overlay 12012 (90011)
6 Mini DIN Bath Cable (25569)
6 Foot Water Detection Conductive Cable (25404)
24 Sensor Assembly Cable (1/4 Diameter) (30382)
Conductive Screw Set of 2 (99749)
1.5 Titan Temperature Sensor Saddle Barb (381)
6 Pin Din Cable For Water Level (25751)

Note: This is the replacement for the DISCONTINUED 99770 Variable Speed Pump Kit
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99770 Balboa Spa Pack (Titan Control System)